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   Unfortunately, there are many websites which were designed without thinking about high search engine rankings.

Some website designers have used template designs or hosted design software to design their website. SEO techniques have little or no effect on these websites and only drain the client of money on the "hope" that next month will be better. Other companies, they may have already spent thousands of dollars and hours of time developing a great looking website, only to find that the website is buried so deep in the search engine rankings they can't be found beyond their company name. Depending on how the site was built and what software was used to develop it, SEO techniques will NOT work on these websites and only a full re-design of the website would make it rise in the rankings and bring business your way. This can be very cost prohibitive to many companies.

For a business website in this situation, we offer a Pay-Per-Click Management Program for Bing and Google adwords. Many people do not realize the top 3 positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo and the listings down the right side of the pages are pay-per-click ads. This means you bid against other businesses in your marketplace for higher ranking in those listings. Studies show that 52% of people look to the left side of the page and 48% look to the right side of the page. By employing targeted marketing methods, we can help control bid costs and work with you to manage your advertising costs, but also raise your return on your investment in the pay-per-clicks. Feel free to contact our Pay-Per-Click Specialist at 740-398-8087 M-F 8am-5pm EST or e-mail your questions to

We offer a FREE Analysis of your current website to help you decide if SEO will be effective for your Mount Vernon area business or if you should consider a Pay-Per-Click Program.